Remote learning and Rehearsals as a Teacher/Leader

Follow these steps on the web

  • Sign up at
  • Import your music PDF files to the My Music section to share them with your student(s)/choir members
  • Add group(s) to the Groups section. Every student is a new group. A choir is one group
  • Share the music in the My Music section with your group(s) by clicking on the sharing pictogram in the selected music icon. You can share the same music with different groups
  • Share the linking code, which is visible in the Groups section, with your student(s)/choir members via email. Please note that every student and choir has its own linking code
To share annotations mandatory for student(s)/choir members, you need an iPad

Follow these steps on the iPad

  • Download the Scoremusic app from the App Store
  • Log in to the Scoremusic iPad app using your email address and linking code to share your annotations with the student(s) or choir members. Please note that you as a Teacher or Leader have a specific linking code, marked as the Leader Code, for each group visible in the web Groups section
  • Click on the top left burger menu, which leads you to the Main menu, and open My Music. You can see the music you have shared with your student(s)/choir(s)
  • Select the required composition by clicking on the music icon
  • Then click on the top left button to open the toolbar, and tap “+” to add a layer for annotations
  • Use the switch to make your annotations visible to the group members
  • Start annotating using a pencil or marker of a different color. Add annotations with the Apple Pencil or with your finger. If you are an iPad Pro user, the pencil mode is on by default. Please note that you can switch it off in the Settings for the finger mode