Remote learning and Rehearsals via Scoremusic

Who we are

Scoremusic is the most innovative professional digital sheet music tool on the market for reading, annotating and sharing music in groups. Our target customers are any kind of orchestras, choirs, music schools, students, interpreters etc.

Scoremusic is developing a paperless marketplace for renting sheet music digitally. In the near future at the Scoremusic marketplace customers can easily rent (hire) and buy, read and annotate quality sheet music digitally by using a tablet and a stylus only.

What we offer

Scoremusic provides a cloud service where you can sign up to create an account to store sheet music and make setlists for concerts and rehearsals. At the moment you can use your own PDF files and in the near future additionally all the music rented or bought from our marketplace.

Having a Scoremusic account enables all your data to be stored on the Scoremusic cloud and automatically synchronized across the web and the app online, in real time. Furthermore, all the data can be used offline with your iPad! Your annotations and changes made offline will be saved and synchronized with the cloud once you are connected to the Internet.

For publishers

As a publisher, you can use Scoremusic to easily rent and sell your music to businesses or direct customers. Using the marketplace will save you countless amounts of time and money that would otherwise have to be spent on administration, personnel and delivery fees when sending paper copies to customers all over the world by snail mail. Most importantly, your copyrights will always be honoured.

About copyright

Customers who rent sheet music via the Scoremusic marketplace can access the digital files during the rental period only. All the annotations will be stored separately in the cloud for future reference should the customer need the annotated music a second time.

Customers can only share links for renting or buying purposes but cannot share, or make paper copies of, the music rented or bought via the marketplace. That makes Scoremusic a safe and sustainable channel for using sheet music digitally.


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